Simple but Stunning Short Shag Haircuts vs. Long Shaggy Hairstyle

Do you think short shag haircuts will look good on you? Is short shaggy hairstyle the right hairstyle for you? There is also shaggy hairstyle with bangs, which one is better for you? Before asking your hairstylist to give you shaggy hairstyle, it is important to consider the length of shaggy hairstyle first. If you don’t like waiting for your hair to grow, the short one is not the right one since to grow short shaggy takes very long time.

Longer shaggy hair style allows you to trim it away easily. Besides considering the length of shaggy hairstyle, you also need to consider your face shape. Longer shaggy hair style will help you balancing your round shaped face. Shaggy hair style that has fringe and bangs is capable to soften the angular facial feature. What type of hair do you have? Usually, shaggy hair style doesn’t work with hair that’s very fine that can be tangled easily.

If you aren’t used to braid your hair, both long and short shaggy hair is the best option. The long one has multiple layers so that we can’t braid them. But if you love braiding your hair, pick long shaggy hair style and use styling products that will help you braid them. Now, once you have decided which shaggy hair style is the best one for you, you need to style it.

Styling shaggy hair style is extremely easy. To style your shaggy hair style, you can apply the root lifter or mousse that will add more volumes to your hair. When you’re blow drying your short shag haircuts, use your fingers and hands to tousle your hair and lift them until the hair is dry then you can start styling your shaggy hair style. The styling technique above is valid for both short and long shaggy hair style.


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