Shaping and Styling the Mushroom Haircut Perfectly

There is one considerably unique option of hairstyle known as the mushroom haircut. This particular cut or style of hair is also known as the bowl cut. It basically features a weight-line which plays its purpose in creating the perimeter of the cut itself of the head. Commonly the cut will just be right above the tops of your ears.

The basic idea in having this particular cut or style of hair is to get a smooth and neat look. It is true since the hair itself will be combed smoothly with a possibility of center-parted or even without any parted sections at all. Furthermore in getting this particular hairstyle you have to make sure the length is perfect. In determining the perfect length of this hairstyle depending on your face and hair, you should consider the desired position of the so called weight line itself.

In getting this cut you will need to make a kind of guide cuts simply by shifting your hair into a 90-degree elevation while cutting the locks of your hair into the desired length for this mushroom hairstyle. Once you have had your weight line, you can work the rest until you reached the desired look of this hairstyle.

In styling this hairstyle you will also need to do layering for the hair below the weight line. It can easily be done by over-directing the hair below the so called weight line into the cutting point as created or lead by the weight line itself. Each section of your hair should be combed from beneath reaching the weight line while also making sure that the hair at the lower section is angled upward. At the end if you do it right you will get a smoothly spaced hair in deep layering which is good for this mushroom haircut.


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