Easiest Ways to Get the Most Masculine Mohawk Fade Haircut

Before you start making Mohawk fade haircut by yourself, you need to plan your haircut first. Before cutting your hair to Mohawk, you need to decide how short you will cut your hair. Fade haircut is identical to short, buzzed, and near our neck’s nape. Besides the Mohawk fade hair style, there is also Caesar fade hair style, Princeton fade hair style, and many more. Make sure you pick the right fade hair style that works well with your face.

If you sure Mohawk fade is the right haircut for you, you can decide the right spot to start making the fade. Usually, fade starts at ears and then becoming shorter down to neck. If your hair is much finer in several places compared to the hair in other places, you must start fading from the hair where the texture changes. This will help you making ideal Mohawk fade styles.

Now, to cut the short fade, you can use clipper. Clipper will help create close cut. To create the best Mohawk fade hairstyle, use different setting on the clippers for top, sides, and neck area. Start fading your hair by buzzing your entire head, entire head means back, sides, and top. Then start fading the back of your hair by cutting it in vertical strokes starting from your neck to the crown. You must stop before reaching the crown to leave the top hair long.

To finish your Mohawk fade haircut, start fading from your neck’s nape and then continue to the back of your head and make sure you stop right in the middle. Continue fading around your head and pulling back. Finally, examine your cut. Check your new haircut and if you find uneven spots, probably too long or too short, shave your hair and fix your new haircut.


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