Dorothy Hamill Haircut: Popular Wedge Haircut

When you ask about Dorothy Hamill haircut, then actually you are talking about wedge haircut that has been popular since 1976. This is a classic short haircut. Dorothy Hamill wore this hairstyle when she got Olympic Gold Medal at her very young age, 19. After that time then her name became popular around the globe. Her hairstyle also inspired young women at that time. Oddly enough, her hairstyle, classic wedge haircut, remains popular even till today.

At the first time, you will see her original hairstyle was close to bowl cut. But then it is shortened gradually and becomes popular with the name Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut as many people also say it today. This hairstyle just gives you more freedoms as well as movement. To get the perfect look of this hairstyle, you need to cut the hair precisely. So, if you cannot do it yourself, it is good to ask a skilled hairdresser.

Wedge haircut will work ideally for any hair types except natural hair of African American people or curly and kinky hair. What interesting here is, this hairstyle can be styled for women at any ages. For older women, they can get fresher look as wedge haircut is also type of short hairstyles where many older women get a nicer look on short. For young women, this hairstyle just gives them more freedoms.

So, this hairstyle is suitable for both young and old women. Make sure this hairstyle is cut and applied rightly to give you a nice look. To do that, asking a help of stylist is a good idea as you need to have a precise cut. When it is cut rightly, you don’t need to worry if you have busy morning and you don’t need much time to manage this hair. If you have busy morning, Dorothy Hamill haircut can save more time.


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