Best Options of Haircuts for Heart Shaped Faces

One of the important considerations in determining the perfect hairstyle for you is your face shape which means that there are surely several best options regarding haircuts for heart shaped faces. Specific hairstyles are needed to shift away the focus on the face shape itself. There will also be some other models for different shapes of face surely. Referring to heart shaped face, these are some of the best options of hairstyle that you may choose.

There is the one known as long & piecey bangs which features side-swept bangs in soft and really accentuating your eyes. It will draw the focus away from the pointy chin of people with heart faced faces. It may also be considered to be a sexy style of hair though. Having a kind of vertical bang is a better option in this heart shaped face hairstyle women instead of having it in straight.

Another option of the hairstyle for this particular shape of face is the lob. It is basically a long bob in one length only. It will soften the jawline and deliver the accent of pretty look out of your face. You can actually combine it with ponytail as well if you want.

Just in case that you prefer to have a style of hair which is a bit messy in a kind of neat look you can simply try the so called loose waves. It is started from the shoulder length onwards. It can deliver a kind of youthful appeal while also drawing attention into the jaw without having to look harsh. It is even considered to be the reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. In purpose of achieving bounciness of this style you may want to use a roller in styling this one variation of the best choices of haircuts for heart shaped faces.


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